About the project

In 1993, Alison King called for a repositioning of educators, “from sage on the stage to guide on the side”. Recently we are witnessing a new perspective gaining recognition: from distributor of knowledge to designer of learning experience. The wealth of open and readily available information, the accelerated evolution of social, mobile and creative technologies mean entail that learners and educators face unprecedented opportunities, but also increasingly complex challenges. Educators no longer need to provide access to knowledge, but they need to carefully craft the conditions for learners to inquire, explore, analyse, synthesise and collaboratively construct their knowledge from the sources available to them. The Art and Science of Learning Design workshop in London, October 2011, explored the tools, methodologies and frameworks available for practitioners and researchers invested in designing for learning, and sought to articulate the grand challenges in this emerging domain. The workshop itself adopted an unconventional design, where contributions where shared beforehand, and the event itself was dedicated to synergy and synthesis. 

The workshop produced a rich yield of high-quality texts. This site is our workspace for transforming these texts into a book.

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