The Participatory Pattern Workshops methodology

Yishay Mor, Niall Winters, Steven Warburton

Keywords: design patterns, design narratives, scenarios, participatory design, learning design, design for learning, open, openness, workshop

This chapter describes the methodology that has emerged from a series of workshops facilitated over several years. These workshops brought together practitioners from a wide range of fields and engaged them in intense conversations about issues regarding technology and education. Such conversations are rooted in participants’ personal experiences, driven by the problems they have overcome, and aimed at collaborative articulation of their design knowledge; knowledge of how to get things done. We call these workshops Collaborative Reflection Workshops.
Our process goes beyond a single workshop. Over the years, we have identified a structure of three consecutive workshops; a Design Narratives Workshop, a Pattern Mining Workshop and a Design scenarios Workshop. These workshops are supported by a set of graphical and textual representations: Force Maps, Storyboards, Concept Maps, Design Narratives, Design Patterns and Design Scenarios. Together, these form what we call the Participatory Patterns Workshops framework.