Why has IMS LD not led to the advances which were hoped for?

Tim Goddard, David Griffiths, Wang Mi

Keywords: Representations, IMS Learning Design, specification, adoption

The publication of the IMS Learning Design (LD) specification in 2003 led to high hopes that the specification would lead to advances both in formalising the description of learning designs and patterns, and also of extending the range of possible learning designs which could be implemented with technological support. Today, however, there is scant evidence that it has achieved anything approaching widespread adoption within the Education sector.  This chapter describes a study to identify the reasons for this, and the lessons which can be learned for future research into learning designs and patterns. Data has been gathered in the form of interviews with leading participants in IMS-LD research, and this is analysed to identify hypotheses which can clarify the history of the specification in the form of proposed explanatory mechanisms.