ISiS and ScenEdit: an intention-oriented learning design framework

Valérie Emin, Jean-Philippe Pernin

Keywords: technology enhanced learning, authoring tools, learning design, goal-oriented approach, patterns

This chapter presents the core concepts of ISiS (Intentions, Strategies, and interactional Situations) conceptual framework and its implementation within ScenEdit, a web-based authoring tool. The framework is based on a goal-oriented approach and proposes a specific identification of the intentional, strategic, tactical and operational dimensions of a pedagogical scenario. ScenEdit allows teacher-designers to structure the design of their pedagogical scenarios by eliciting intentions, strategies and interactions included in the ISIS framework. ScenEdit aims to favour sharing and reusing practices by providing patterns for each type of component (intention, strategy and interactional situation). Examples of how ScenEdit can be used are described along with a discussion of implications of using ISiS in for learning design.