The "Biologia en Context" case

Davinia Hernández-Leo, Pau Moreno, Mar Carrió, Jonathan Chacón, Josep Blat

Keywords: Learning design, sharing, co-edition, existing authoring tools, integrative platform, practitioners community, real case

The LdShake platform enables the co-edition and social network-oriented sharing of learning designs created using a variety of editors. Use cases for LdShake include joint design and sharing of learning designs in projects or communities across institutions, co-design by teams of teachers in charge of teaching the same course with different groups of students or co-creation of designs that require the integration of knowledge and skills developed by students in previous subjects with different teachers. This chapter will explain a real case in which LdShake is being used. The case involves a community of teachers from 20 high schools distributed among the region of Catalonia. The community, “Biologia en context” - officially recognized by the government of Catalonia, is devoted to creating and sharing educational activities that promote the situated learning of Biology topics. We describe this project, provide reflections and lessons learned from this work, and draw conclusions for the wider community of learning designers.