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Section 3 - Theories and Frameworks

Submitting your chapter
The book chapters are organised into three thematic Sections. Your chapter is to be embedded as a cloud within Theoretical Frameworks cloudscape. Use the "Create Cloud in this Cloudscape" link on the right hand side of the cloudscape to create your cloud.
Please use the the SENSE Publishers word template to format your chapter. You can then upload it to slideshare or google docs, and embed it in your cloud. 
To embed your document, scroll down to the "embedded content" section of your cloud, and click "add embedded content". If you are embedding a google doc, you will need to (a) share it with the world for viewing and (b) publish it (file / publish to the web..).
Please see Instructions for authors for further details. If you believe your chapter fits within a different thematic Section, please let us know. 

Building the book together
The book is a collective effort arising from our mutual interests and research. For it to be valuable to others, we must offer something both new and useful. So it is important for your chapter to be contextualised within the field. In preparing your chapter about Theories and/or Frameworks, consider both the significant recent developments in Learning Design theory, and the other chapters in this Section. It would be useful to review them (either here on on the ASLD Cloudworks page) to create links and avoid redundancies. If suitable, please make reference to the other chapters in this book, which will create coherence and unity.

Thanks for your collaboration!
-Brock and Yishay