Making Expert Design Knowledge Useful for Novices

Yael Kali and Tamar Ronen-Fuhrman

Keywords: Design Principles Database, Design Studio, Design guidelines

In order for novices to take advantage of design guidelines such as design principles, narratives or patterns, a pedagogical framework is required. We describe a study that explored the learning processes of 14 groups of graduate students in Education, who used a pedagogical model aimed at assisting them to design technology-enhanced curriculum modules. The model utilizes a set of design guidelines called the Design Principles Database. Our evaluations indicate that as students developed their concretization skills, they were able to become aware to and reduce gaps between their “theoretical” and “applied” epistemologies. By making their design ideas more concrete, students were able to carry out productive negotiations about these ideas with instructors and peers, and to explore them in relation to theory and to expert design knowledge in the Design Principles Database.